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Alise Project to develop Battery Technology towards 500Wh/kg by 2019

OXIS Energy is a crucial component of the ALISE project whose target is to develop Lithium Sulfur technology to 500Wh/kg with 2000 cycles by 2019. ALISE is a pan European collaboration focused on the development and commercial scale-up of new materials as well as understanding the electrochemical processes involved in lithium sulfur technology.

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Announcing Horizon 2020 project ALISE, aiming for 500Wh/kg by 2019 with @Leitat & 13 others!…

1st paper from our @innovateuk REVB project has just been published! OXIS and @imperialcollege look at Li-S…

Anesco and OXIS are launching Li-S energy storage in the UK from 2016:…

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