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Lithium Sulfur Technology
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We are developing an innovative Lithium Sulfur [Li-S] battery chemistry that will revolutionize the rechargeable battery market. With a theoretical energy density 5 times greater than Li-ion, OXIS patented Li-S technology is lighter, safer and maintenance free, and ready to meet the demands of tomorrow.


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Latest news.

Lithium Sulfur Batteries Conference: Mechanisms, Modelling and Materials

OXIS Energy, Imperial College London, the Energy SUPERSTORE and the Energy Storage Research Network are hosting the first UK Li-S Batteries Conference (LiSM3) on the 12th February 2016 in the Faraday Theatre at the Royal Institution.

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@CommonsECC Lithium Sulfur, next generation battery chemistry and a #NewEnergyTech youtu.be/Ab_iMkKXWiY

Lithium Sulfur in 30s: youtu.be/Ab_iMkKXWiY?a via @YouTube

I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be/_JfLZNfn5Uc?a Understanding degradation of lithium-ion batteries - The University of Oxford

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