Oxis Energy

Next Generation Battery Technology

We are pioneering
Lithium Sulfur
battery technology

Revolutionizing rechargeable batteries.

Patented technology

We are developing an innovative Lithium Sulfur battery chemistry that will revolutionize the rechargeable battery market. With a theoretical energy density 5 times greater than Li-ion, OXIS patented Li-S technology is lighter, safer and maintenance free, and ready to meet the demands of tomorrow.

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Latest news.

OXIS launches Project Helios

The OXIS Solar Centre for Autonomous Research (OSCAR) enthusiastically launches Project Helios today as a launch-pad for cheaper commercial solar energy right across the world. OSCAR is a specially built demonstration centre that houses OXIS’ entire solar storage technology.

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OXIS Solar Centre for Autonomous Research launches Project Helios centre ow.ly/2Zrl87

#Oxfordshire company @oxisenergy developing technology to provide cheaper & safer solar power on.fb.me/1AOesRe pic.twitter.com/ohqAM5T2Ac

We are happy to announce Project Helios, a solar energy storage system: oxisenergy.com/blog/oxis-laun…

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